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ComputersWhat Is E-waste?

Electronic Garbage Is What It Is. Residents and Businesses Use and Have This Material Such As Computers, Monitors, Televisions (aka CRT’s), Printers, Microwaves, Ect...

CRTCRT, An Abbreviation For Cathode Ray Tube, Is The Technology Used In Most Televisions and Monitors. A CRT Monitor Contain Leaded Glass Which Is Identifiable In The Waste Stream and Are Specifically Banned From Disposal In Our Landfills.

So What Should You Do When These Items Break Or Are Obsolete and Unwanted? Help The Environment and Avoid Being Fined.

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Sponsor an E-Waste event with us

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We are A State Approved To Dispose/Recycle These Items Properly.

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Hard Drive Destruction Is Available…

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